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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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A few testimonials

We’ve recieved a few new testimonials/reviews. We are proud of our work and enjoy your feedback very much, so please keep them coming!

Thank you again for the GRUBBA service

I just started to use Grubba a couple of weeks ago and I am really pleased how it worked out for me. I will be recommending Grubba to people I know. Thank You

Thank you so much for grubba! It is an amazing database tool

Great product! Thank you.

If you want a simple and lightweight app to help you create and manage databases, and you aren’t keen on installing yet another system-resource eating standalone app, Grubba is an excellent choice. Not only is it user-friendly and well-designed, it also has a free version that supports most conceivable uses.

Just wanted to tell you that your database is great. Didn’t take my brain power to set it up and it works like a charm.

We needed a quick client database. I first tried MS Access, but after a day i was ready to throw the ^%^&$ thing out of the window! So i searched the internet and found Grubba. 15 minutes later the job was done, including telling my co-workers how to use it.
Michael Madsonius, UPF

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