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My artwork

This post has nothing to do with Grubba, it’s a shameless plug of my artwork. All my artwork is created with vintage materials, found objects and old junk. My portfolio can be found here: Cheers and have a nice … Continue reading

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About the continuation of Grubba

Since the launch of Sodadb, I noticed a huge(!) drop in donations, and got quite a few worried emails from users about the continuation of Grubba. Please rest assured. Grubba is here to stay! I am even planning a few … Continue reading

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Sodadb beta is live!

Dear Grubba user, I have been working on the new application for more then a year now. Progress is slow as this all has to be done in my spare time. Well, it’s time. I can keep on polishing details … Continue reading

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Shame on me.

Shame on me. I made an error. A small, but very important one. The files that manage the database sector load had a small error in it. This resulted in bad load balancing between database sectors, thus very very very … Continue reading

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Progress on the new (and improved) Grubba

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am working on a complete overhaul of Grubba. All the mistakes I made developing Grubba, I tried to avoid this time. Which is frankly mumbo-jumbo as it’s impossible. But hey, you can’t blame … Continue reading

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Deprecated functions

I decided to deprecate two functions in Grubba. There were always problems with searching date fields, so I decided to stop using date fields. Just use a normal field and tell the users in the Help text what you would … Continue reading

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Today I got an interesting question from Don: He was wondering if the data he enters remains confidential. And if I monetize customer data in any way. I am pretty oldskool. Been actively designing since 1999. In the early days … Continue reading

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Grubba 3.0 and exporting issues

I am working on an improved Grubba, a sort of Grubba 3.0. It will be much! faster then you are used to. I’ll keep you posted… On the less brighter side: I am getting many export problem reports the last … Continue reading

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30.000 active users!

Just wanted to share that today Grubba reached the 30.000 active user mark! I just wanted to say thanks to all the users who submitted feedback and to the users who made a donation. Thanks to them Grubba will keep … Continue reading

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New tagline

I always used the tagline beta and recently I even used always in beta . I liked this tagline: because Grubba is an ungoing project, never ending, never finished. I liked this tagline, that is, until i read the excellent … Continue reading

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