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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Archive for October, 2010

The advertising madness…

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Update 8th november 2010

Our nag-screen adventure is over. We hated it.
From now on we have a small black footer with a donation link.

When we first started we were very clear on one thing. No ADS on the site! So we made Grubba donationware. The (sad) truth however is that – although we do get donations (thank you so much!) – it’s not enough to keep Grubba up and running.

So we decided to implement a nag screen. We don’t want ads on every page, so we will nag you once with this popup each time you login.

You can support us by sending a donation or visiting one of our great sponsors below.

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