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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Archive for April, 2012

Sodadb beta is live!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Dear Grubba user,

I have been working on the new application for more then a year now. Progress is slow as this all has to be done in my spare time.

Well, it’s time. I can keep on polishing details and keep on developing, but decided it’s time to ask feedback from existing users.

The new application is called Sodadb. Which is short for Simple Online DAtabase. It’s so radical different from the current application, it needed another website.

Don’t worry, the current Grubba application will keep running as is, as I am sure Sodadb will not suit everyone’s needs. As a matter of fact: I am also planning a few updates for the current application in the future.

If you just like to fiddle around, you can visit the site here »

You are welcome to create forms and databases and try everything.

If you like to check how your current database will look in Sodadb, you can do the conversion wizzard. When the form you like to export to Sodadb is active, go to: tools » export to Sodadb and follow the steps in the conversion wizzard

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the export, the use of Sodadb or what ever questions you might have. The faq and tutorials are still work-in-progress.

I would love to hear your feedback and bugreports on Sodadb.

Some things that are new or improved in Sodadb:
- Better speed
- Easier sharing
- Website plugin
- Advanced sub-user management
- Advanced import
- Better exporting
- More powerful searching
- File upload and attaching to records
- Whitelabel / custom branding

Some things that will be added soon:
- Form only: the option to send people a link with only a form they can fill out.
- Relational: the option to connect data from other forms and databases

Thanks in advance and greetings,
Derek Scholte

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