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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Help: how to print labels?

You can print data – for instance addresses – to labels from within Grubba.

First you need to set your preferences for your current form (one time action).  Goto –> preferences

Select the fields you would like to show up in the labels by clicking the fields in the second listbox called .pdf labels (Hold CTRL pressed for multiple selections).  You can select up to 6 fields.

Then scroll down to .pdf export settings and set the margins of your labelsheets. These are in millimeters.

Save your preferences by clicking the save icon: disk

The next step is to make a selection.

Goto –> search or click the browse all records icon: browse to list the addresses or other data you want to print. Then click the export .pdf labels icon: pdf_labels to generate a .pdf file with the labels.

When using large-datasets, it can take a few seconds before you are asked what to do with the .pdf file.

Like most things in Grubba: easy as pie…

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