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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Help: how to create an interactive (Google) map?

Goto –> tools –> manage forms and create a new form or update your existing form.

The interactive map plugin needs 2 or 3 fields. A field that represents the name of the street, one for the number (not required) and one for the name of the city.

Create these 3 fields first. Add the fields one by one by clicking the add form Object icon. Choose in dropdown ‘type’ for one of the first 4 fieldtypes (small to extra large).

The last step is to create the map plugin. Click the add form Object icon, choose a name for it (eg. interactive map) and choose in the dropdown ‘type’ for ‘Interactive map‘. A popup will appear. Connect the corresponding fields in the dropdowns. Save the object and you’re done.

Screenshot of the result.

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