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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Today I got an interesting question from Don: He was wondering if the data he enters remains confidential.
And if I monetize customer data in any way.

I am pretty oldskool. Been actively designing since 1999. In the early days the only people who made any money at all where the guys that showed naked ladies on their website. At the risk of sounding very old and a bit like a nag: I don’t really like the ‘modern’ internet. Companies like Facebook really annoy the p$#@ss out of me. Not only because they sell user data, but also because they are not upfront about it. They should be required by law to tell the user in font-size 44 that they do sell your data, before you are even allowed to sign up.

Bottom line is:
I only disclose data if I am required to do so by law. Period.
I do not sell e-mailaddresses. Period.

Please read the terms of use and privacy statement if you need more info.

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