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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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Deprecated functions

I decided to deprecate two functions in Grubba.

There were always problems with searching date fields, so I decided to stop using date fields.

Just use a normal field and tell the users in the Help text what you would like the input to look like. For instance put: requested date mm/dd/yyyy in the helptext.

This way you can also search by date range (sort of anyway). For instance if you need all dates within the month of December, do this query:
select this in the dropdown = %%
and enter this in the field: 12/%%/2011

You can use wildcards with %% (where each % stands for one character) . So in the end this is a much easier and better way to deal with dates.

The other function is the file upload function. The API just doesn’t work properly anymore. No idea why. To be quite honest, I simply don’t have the time to fix it. I was thinking of renting an image server and do the uploads within Grubba. This would be a great solution, but it will take some time coding and the biggest issue, it will cost money. In this time of crisis donations have dropped, so I am not sure if I can afford this. As always, I am open for suggestions or discussion. If you feed the need to do so, please send me a message via the ticket system.

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