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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
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What are we working on?

As you know we are still working on improving the basic features within Grubba. We don’t want to over-complicate Grubba, but we still have a few features on our wish-list

1. export to .rtf
We are working on this new function: export to .rtf. This means you can export directly to MS Word or OpenOffice in the near future. We’ll try to have it online next week.

2. website widget
In a month or so you can show your data in your own website with our website widget.

3. merge default letter with addresses to .rtf
Merging addresses in Word an OpenOffice (for a physical mailing) is a complicated task. We want to make it easy, select the addresses in your searchform and click the merge icon. Will be online in a few months.

4. search on date-range

After implementing these features we’ll sit back for a while to evaluate. We will then focus on improving the existing features, speed and usability.

Do you have ideas for new features? Don’t hesitate and tell us. It’s your software.

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