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Grubba : Your online database
The free online database for home and office.
  Press release Lets You Easily Create Your Own Databases and Forms In Just A Few Clicks.
Free service offers fully customizable, secure Web-based databases

WORLD WIDE WEB (June 30, 2009) – Grubba, the free online database located at,
provides users with fully customizable data solutions, offering a Web-based alternative to common,
software-based database programs.

Users enjoy distinct advantages when using Grubba’s Web-based data solutions, including a fully
personalized set-up, SSL security, the ability to add multiple users, full-featured import / export options,
and around-the-clock access worldwide, from any Internet-connected computer.

“Because our service is Web-based, our users can access it anytime, anywhere,” said Derek Scholte,
CEO of Grubba. “Plus, users can easily share data and forms with anyone they wish, regardless of
their operating system, without the need for special software.”

“Also, with Grubba being a closed system, no one has access to your data unless you decide to
provide it,” added Scholte.

Grubba is perfect for both home and professional users who need a variety of database services.
Anyone with basic computer knowledge and basic Internet experience can use Grubba to have a
fully customized database up in minutes.

Examples of home uses are limited only by your imagination and could include address books;
personalized phone books; DVD, music and video game collection organization; archiving and
home inventory, or any other databases that will fill your specific needs.

Because Grubba allows for the creation of fully customized databases, professional users can
create their own fields, field names and characteristics. Business owners and managers can create
customized forms that are populated by their user-created databases.

Professional or business user examples could include client management, inventory services,
customer service databases, call tracking, archiving and many more.

For more information, or to start using Grubba to create your own Web-based databases,


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