help within Grubba

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database software  The logics behind Grubba
databases  Watch the 1-minute screencasts
client management  First make a form
CRM  Update or design your own form
collection software  Inserting records
collectors  Searching
catalog  Delete a form
online addressbook  Delete all the data within a form
phonebook online  Your preferences
collection  Export
stamp  Import
stamp  Share your data with others
stamp  Share your files with others
stamp  Upload files / documents

Some quick references, for more see FAQ >

collectors  Copy to clipboard
catalog  Quick search field
to collect  Your browse and/or listings page show up empty ?
to collect  Rename a form
to collect  Change the form order
to collect  The loading thing keeps running and nothing happens.
to collect  How do i close the green popup above the icons?
to collect  What do the == etc in search mean?
to collect  I changed the language in my preferences and nothing happens?
to collect  What browser should i use?
to collect  I found a bug, what to do?
to collect  I would like this or that feature.
to collect  How do i : change my password?
to collect  How do i : delete a form?
to collect  How do i : delete all data within a form?
to collect  How do i : delete my account?
to collect  How do i : support Grubba?
homework  How do i : print adresses on labels?
homework  How do i : make an interactive map?
homework  How do i : export emailaddresses?