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Dear user,

Grubba always had problems exporting large datasets.
So I decided to disable the import function.

If you need large datasets, please take a look at my other application at sodadb.com

You can export your current database and records to Sodadb with the migration assistant, for more info click here »

Are you an existing user and really, really need the import function?
Please drop me a note at info@grubba.net for a special key.
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  Wizzard: import data

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    1. What would you like to import?
            client Form structure and data
Import the form fields and some data

Data only
Import some data in an existing form.

    2. Choose formname (Leave empty if : Data only is choosen)


Quick start guide
You can export to .csv format by using your existing database software, like Excel or OpenOffice calc.

Be sure to use:

 field separation sign : comma ( , )
 text separation sign : double quotes ( " )

After this step you can preview the data and cancel or submit the import

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