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It's radically different from the current application. You might like it!
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Export your data to Sodadb

Welcome to the conversion wizzard from Grubba to Sodadb.
You can run this wizzard without any risk. This conversion will NOT erase your current forms or data in Grubba.

The new application is called Sodadb. Which is short for Simple Online DAtabase.
It's so radical different from the current application, it needed another website.

Don't worry, the current Grubba application will keep running as is, as I am
sure Sodadb will not suit everyone's needs. As a matter of fact: I am also planning a few
updates for the current application in the future.

If you just like to fiddle around, you can visit the site here »

You are welcome to create forms and databases and try everything.

If you like to check how your current database will look in Sodadb,
please follow these easy steps:

When the form you like to export to Sodadb is active, click on this link » and follow the steps in the conversion wizzard

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the export,
the use of Sodadb or what ever questions you might have. The faq and tutorials are still work-in-progress.

I would love to hear your feedback and bugreports on Sodadb.
Click here to get started »

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